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Fluxes are used for treatment of molten aluminum. The fluxes contain a range of injection fluxes and tablet flux for purifying molten aluminum, dross flux , covering flux, demagging flux for removing unnecessary maganium, flux for cleaning furnace.

Product title Type Function and characteristics Package
Deslagging agent JT-D1

It can raise slag temperature,separate aluminium and slag effectively and is applicable to elimination of dross and melting slag.It has strong aluminium and slag separation capacity and will not generate odour,so it¨s an environment-friendly agent and can be used for both inside and outside of the furnace.

2kg/inner plastic bag

Refining agent JT-J1

It is used for refining and purifying with dry nitrogen as its carrier. The injected aluminium liquid is accomptable to any type spraying machine.

2kg/inner plastic bag
Covering agent JT-F1

It is used for surface covering during refining and holding of aluminium and aluminium alloy and can insulate aluminium liquid and air to reduce aluminium burning during smelting and inspiration and oxidation during holding process.

2kg/inner plastic bag


It has good fluidity and is applicable to high efficiency spray type powder solvent into the melting furnace to remove the impurity(magnesium)in the aluminium alloy.

2kg/inner plastic bag
clearing agent


It can eliminate oxide and slag scaling on melting furnace wall and bottom is a safe,simple and effective way.

2kg/inner plastic bag

 Applicable industries:
        1.Die-casting parts(engine cylinder lid)industry;
        2.Sand mould casting industry;
        3.Metal mould castings(surge tank,piston,engine cylinder  
          body,motorcycle cylinder end)industry;
        4.Low pressure castings(aluminum hub etc.)industry;
        5.Electrolytic aluminum and electrical aluminum rod industry;
        6.Aluminum plate,aluminum strip,aluminum bar and aluminum profile industry;
        7.Prepared brand alloy ingot industry;
        8.Waste aluminum melting  industry

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