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Percentage / Alloying Element

Available Forms

Bismuth aluminium

Up to 5% Bi

Waffle plate

Boron aluminium

3, 4, 8,10% B

Waffle Plate, Cast bar

Calcium  aluminium

5,10 or 20% Ca

Waffle Plate

Chromium aluminium

5,10 or 20% Cr

Waffle Plate

Cobalt aluminium

Up to 20% Co

Waffle Plate

Copper aluminium

Up to 50% Cu

Waffle Plate

Silicon aluminium

20, 30, 40, or 50% Si

Waffle Plate,  Cast bar

Strontium aluminium

5 or 10% Sr

Waffle Plate,  Cast bar

Titanium aluminium

6, 10%, or 15% Ti

Waffle plate,  Cast bar

Vanadium aluminium

5 or 10% V

Waffle Plate

Antimony aluminium

10 or 20% Sb

Waffle Plate ,Cast bar

Zirconium aluminium

5, 6, 10% ,or 15%Zr

Waffle Plate

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